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Sky House BSD+ brings the concept of Singapore Living to BSD City, emphasizing the elements of nature, scenery, architecture, entertainment, and an international community that evoke the essence of life in Singapore.

Sky House BSD+ showcases Singapore’s property development strengths, featuring Innovative Building Technology, an Integrated Intelligent System, a captivating Community Landscape, a proficient Management Team, and an enriching International Community Culture.

Situated in the west of Jakarta, adjacent to a renowned premium Japanese shopping mall and seamlessly linked to the Digital Hub, Indonesia’s future Silicon Valley, Sky House BSD+ incorporates the latest building technology and innovative residential models. It aims to redefine the traditional concept of housing in Indonesia, setting a new modern standard.


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Risland Holdings, a Hong Kong-based multinational real estate company, provides diverse services encompassing residential development, commercial real estate operations, property management, and infrastructure construction and operation.

As of 2018, it has successfully executed projects across various countries, including the United States, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, among others, establishing itself as a pioneering force in urban development and residential environment enhancement.

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